What’s Next?

It’s been three weeks since my amazing record release party, attended by 100+ people, at the fabulous Rockwood Music Hall. At the after party immediately following the show, I was asked multiple times, “So, what’s next?” I really had no answer, as all of my efforts in the months and weeks before had been poured into the release show. In my ideal world, I would have had a tour mapped out which kicked off immediately following. But, I could only do so much, and I wanted the show to be great; I thought it would be better to give it my full attention, and then plan a tour afterward.

Three weeks post record release show and I feel like I can finally start thinking and planning again. I have a short list of places I will definitely go: Albany, DC, and Rochester. The “Places I’ve Lived Tour.” I will plan for a trip to California early next year. And then there is an exponentially longer list of places I want to go, which is everywhere. Touring has always been a part of my dream. When I didn’t have a job, I didn’t have the album done yet, so it didn’t make sense to tour. Now that I have a job, I can’t just hit the road for an extended period of time, so I will do weekends, federal holidays, and vacation days. Maybe call it the “PTO Tour.”

I’m excited to do as much as I can. For the Albany show, I’d like to have a full band, similar to my NYC record release show. It would be great to be able to get the band from the NYC show to come up for a night — perhaps logistically challenging, but you never know.

Updates to come!


Record Release Party!

Record Release Party!

A have a lot of updating to do…my album was released! Packed show at Rockwood Music Hall, beautifully chronicled by Music Historian: http://musichistorian.wordpress.com/event-diary/.

More album news coming soon!

Pre-Order my Album!

Pre-Order my Album!

Pre-order my album on BandCamp and get a free immediate digital download of the album single, Brass Heart!

Plus, as a bonus, I will love you forever.

Also, come to my record release party at Rockwood Music Hall on 7/28/13 @ 6:30pm.


Casey Dinkin's Record Release Party @ Rockwood Music Hall -- Stage 2

I’m releasing my record! Join the party at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2, on Sunday, July 28th @ 7pm. No cover. I’ll be playing through the album with a full band. Come! Celebrate! Get your copy and a Stupid Noah t-shirt!

(PS – check out my album cover!)

Stupid Noah T-Shirt!

Many moons ago I ran a t-shirt contest, and many people voted for their favorite design. Here is the winner! I will be ordering the shirts in the next few days. I’m very excited for their arrival!

photo (2)

Last Friday, I took a trip to Battery Studios, to pick up the mastered copies of my album from Vic Anesini, a SONY mastering engineer (two time Grammy nominee!) and longtime family friend.

Battery Studios are where the legendary Record Plant recording studios were located – the studios where John Lennon was recording on the day he died.

Anyway, here is Vic!


And here are my masters….

photo (1)

Now it’s on to getting the rest of the ducks in a row so that I can release the album in July. Album art, CD pressing, getting the Kickstarter rewards ordered and assembled, launching a pre-sale, releasing the single, publicizing, planning a CD release party, sending out the albums and rewards to my Kickstarter backers…

All good things!

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! xo

Playing at the MOVE Music Festival -- 4/27/13

Next Saturday, April 27th, I will be performing at the MOVE Music Festival in Albany, NY. The festival is in its second year and features 100+ bands at venues around Albany. Tickets are $15 for the whole event, from 4pm-4am. My set is 8-9pm at Blue 82, 80 N Pearl St, Albany, NY.

I’ll be joined by Craig Brinker, who has been playing keys with me in NYC, and was up for a trip to Albany (his first time in our fair capital city!) On bass, we will be joined by Bobby Kendall, a Troy-based player who comes highly recommended. We’ll drive up Saturday morning, have a practice session at Bobby’s apartment, and then head to the gig…

Hope to see you there! Get tickets at: http://www.movemusicfest.com

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